I Foraged Apples with a Cider Master

Read about my atypical, yet fulfilling apple picking experience--featured on True.Ink--here.

Now for a bit of backstory...

Andy Brennan

This past September, I celebrated my third NYCversary. This time of year is always slightly bittersweet for me. No more half Fridays, concert series, long days, sandals and summer dresses. To cure this bout of seasonal depression, I made a Fall bucket list. At the top in bold letters I scribbled, "pick apples". The Law of Attraction was on my side that week: Food52 and True.Ink was hosting a raffle for a trip to do just that. Without a second thought, I entered the contest.

"This Sunday - Apple Picking With True.Ink and Food52" read the subject of the email that arrived in my inbox that Friday afternoon. I had won the trip to Wurtsboro, New York. On a chilly October Sunday, I met my hosts on the Lower East Side. We loaded up in a van and started our journey to Aaron Burr Cidery where we'd meet Andy Brennan, acclaimed cider maker and apple forager. En route to our destination, I was asked to be the reporter and write a story on the day's events. Check out my write up in the link above.