Charles' Pan Fried Chicken | Harlem, New York

I've lived two blocks away from what some New Yorkers have deemed the some of best fried chicken in the city. Shame on me for trying it for the first time this past weekend. Here's the scoop:

Charles' Pan Fried seats about 8-10 folks comfortably. With the close quarters, I decided to order the fried chicken meal, complete with cornbread and two sides, and enjoy at home.

A few recommendations:

  1. If you're traveling uptown, try and make it there early. You'll get the freshest batch of fried chicken. Best believe I was there at 11 and gladly waited 10-15 minutes for my share.
  2. I'm a mac & cheese girl by default, but the mac at Charles' was a bit dry and congealed. (Confession: I went back again the next day and got the yams. Definitely get the yams).
  3. Aside from a few homemade recipes, these collards are some of the best I've eaten from a restaurant, so get those too.
  4. All in all, this is a good spot to head to if you're in a hurry, and want something quick and delicious. For a fuss-free party, grab yourself a few mixed pieces of chicken, make a couple homemade sides, stock the fridge with good beer + batch a cocktail. Super Bowl party solved.

Charles' Pan Fried Chicken
2841 Frederick Douglass Blvd., New York, NY 10039