Steamed Maine Lobster

It's finally starting to feel like summer in NYC, which means afternoons spent enjoying the season's freshest seafood dishes. From oysters, to soft-shell crab, I'm all about the ocean eats this time of year. For Memorial Day weekend, my friend Cia and I enjoyed glasses of Aperol spritz, sunning on the terrace and eating fresh Maine lobster from Beal's Lobster Pier's home-delivery service, Beal's At Home (and you should do the same). 

Beal's, who for over four decades has been working as a whole operation, has a restaurant neighboring the pier and Maine, and now offers an easy, user-friendly online ordering service that delivers their lobsters anywhere in the U.S. 

Packaged perfectly in a ice-packed styrofoam cooler, the generously-sized lobsters arrive to your door fresh--alive and kicking--and ready to cook to your liking. For an easy lobster meal ready to eat in about 12 minutes, steaming is the way to go.

Steamed Maine Lobster

  • Two 1.25-1.5 lbs lobsters
  • One 8-quart pasta pot filled about 1/4 with salted water
  • Melted butter & vinegar + fresh garlic cloves for dipping
  1. Rinse lobsters to clean and set aside, keeping rubber bands on claws
  2. Bring water to a rolling boil and place lobsters in head first. Cover pot immediately with lid
  3. Steam lobsters for 10-12 minutes until outside shell is a bright red
  4. Remove lobsters from steamer and cut rubber bands from claws
  5. Plate and serve with melted butter or vinegar 

Thank you Beals for helping me kick-off the summer with your fresh Maine lobsters.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy the season's seafood?