Date Night by the Borough: NoMad

In another life, I had to have been a personal concierge. My affinity for making plans has carried itself into my current life. Add the Type A, NYC dweller who also happens to be a girl about town, and you've got a recipe for "where-should-I-go-for-x?" success. Last week, a colleague asked me for some recommendations for a second date, which led me to think about a few borough-specific itineraries perfect for a prospective suitor or current significant other.

Read on for the first installment of my NY Date Night Guide series starting with NoMad, one of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods:


Lambrusco and Antipasti at Vini E Fritti

Lambrusco and Antipasti at Vini E Fritti

A mix of food and drink options that fit any craving, or budget, is what I love most about NoMad. With its ease of accessibility via subway, aim for this part of the city for an after-work rendezvous.

SIPS & BITES: Hailing from the Danny Meyer umbrella of restaurants is Vini E Fritti where drinking while eating is the focus. This just-opened-this-week aperitivi bar is a perfect starting point to an evening. Aim to arrive on the earlier side of the evening, and grab an Aperol Sour or glass of Lambrusco to enjoy with antipasti menu items. Personal recommendations on eats include the Potato Pancakes, Delicata Squash, Pork Rib in Calabrian Chili honey, Marinated Vegetables and Stracciatella on Toasted Bread. Sip. Eat. Sip again. And so on and so forth.

SEE: The summer between my junior and senior year of college, a person of interest took me to the Museum of Sex on a first date. What could have been assumed as a jerk move, was actually an experience that inspired a mature, introspective conversation. Let's face it, sex was never a taboo subject in NYC, but use your discretion for when a visit here is best.

DESSERT: After a bit of stimulation, close the evening splitting a slice of the iconic Mille Crêpes layer cake from Lady M. My personal favorite is the Green Tea.

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite, borough-specific date spots. Drop me a line and let me know!