A City Escape to Upstate's Lundy Farm

The Lowdown:
Lundy Farm
895 Lundy Road, Warwarsing, NY 12489
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It’s often said that frequent travel is the key to balancing life in New York City. Over the last three years, I’ve taken this phrase to heart, manifesting travel to places like Amboise in France; San Miguel de Allende in Mexico; Savannah, Georgia and Los Angeles, California. Some of the most fulfilling experiences have been right in my backyard, in Upstate New York because of the ease of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city as fast as it takes a commute from Harlem to Brooklyn. Earlier this summer as we looked to plan the final trips for August, the opportunity to curate a weekend visit to Lundy Farm crossed my desk. With organic farming and plant-based cuisine at the forefront, I worked with the team to invite an intimate group of food-focused media for a weekend escape on the beautiful property.


Resting on 62 acres of land is the small-scale farm and Scandanavian-inspired design that serves as an ideal backdrop for bespoke events and gatherings. Minimalists rejoice: clean bedrooms embrace natural light, creating an oasis for deep, uninterrupted rest. My favorite detail of our room was the lightly-scented linen sheets that kept us cool during slumber.

As a city dweller, I’ve found that nature—forest bathing, breathing fresh air, swimming in open water—have been necessary components to my wellness practice. Lundy Farm’s outdoor amenities were the icing on the cake for me, and we took full advantage of all the offerings the grounds had to offer. Mornings were welcomed 30-miunte runs to shake the sleep from our bodies, warm up and take in the fresh air with every inhale. Following our run, we took morning coffee with a refreshing dip in the salt-water pool located just outside of the sleeping quarters of Lundy Farm.

Just a few steps from our guest rooms were Rhode Island Red chickens that grazed on organic vegetable peels from the farm and laid the most delicious eggs. As their name suggests, this breed touts rich red color. It’s also worth mentioning how chill AF these chickens are; Theo grabbed one and held it like a small child and not a ruffle of a feather could be seen or a cluck heard.

Image by    Theodore Samuels
Lundy Farm Yoga.jpg

Yoga is something I’ve done in the past and while I’ve been out of practice for some time, the instructors who led flow created an environment that was inviting and approachable. After two consecutive morning sessions, I felt more aware of my breath, a spark of mental clarity and ready to enjoy the farm-to-table, plant-based eats.

The tail end of summer’s menu touted ripe tomatoes, eggplant, corn, and red peppers thoughtfully prepared by Chef Davis Lindsey and his team. For the past three years, I’ve flexed between vegetarian and vegan meals while indulging in local cuisine when on vacation. The Lundy Farm experience sparked my excitement for the versatility of flavor that vegetables have.

As part of our experience, Chef Davis led us on a tour of the farm and explained his organic practices for avoiding pests, the property’s greenhouse farming technology and best practices for seed preservation.

A candlelit dinner, featuring roasted carrot fries, for our last night on property

A candlelit dinner, featuring roasted carrot fries, for our last night on property

As our final trip of the summer, Lundy Farm set the tone for how I desire to enter the fall season: more conscious in the way I move and what I consume, and more connected to my body, to Mother Nature and others around me.

Cost of the full experiences includes round-trip ground transportation from the city, all meals (plant-based), daily morning yoga and accommodations. Similar to a hotel check-in is after 3 PM with check after 12 noon. The blank canvas of the interiors space bodes well for personal or work wellness weekend, couples retreat, or a one-of-a-kind bespoke event.

Image by    Theodore Samuels