Shanika Hillocks




How’d you get into influencer marketing?

I discovered influencer marketing around the same time as the shift in the national media landscape: publications were merging or closing, outlets were placing digital at the forefront, and a few friends started dabbling in the influencer space, producing content for brands. This sparked my interest, so I started conducting informationals and producing campaigns on my own. Once I had a firm understanding of the practice, I developed my own SOP and presented it to my boss at the time as something I wanted to spearhead. From there, it was trial and error as I developed partnerships and executed campaigns for the clients within the agency roster.

How do you balance a full-time role + a side hustle?

There isn’t a one-size approach when it comes to side hustles but Google calendar works best for me. I block off times for the various commitments that I have for my full-time job and part-time gigs, as well as personal activities like workouts and dates with my partner. I also pop in personal time for self-care. Each activity has its calendar organized by color so I can organize and view what’s ahead each day.

What are your favorite Instagram tools?

For in-feed photos, I always run a quick edit in Snapseed. Depending on the desired aesthetic, I’ll add a light filter from VSCO. I’ve also recently started playing with SCRL for my carousel posts. Instagram Stories are my true jam. My go-to apps are Unfold for clean templates. I also encourage the use of Instagram’s features within the app: polls, questions, the GIFs and latest music feature update.

Self-Care Spitfire

In addition to hospitality and marketing, I’ve got a penchant for self-care, and I'm often asked for recommendations. Below are a few of my favorite health & wellness products and practices:




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